Confident Curls From An Easy, Equitable Cream

Depending on its mood, my long hair falls somewhere between wavy and curly. I usually air dry, so I never know quite how it's going to turn out; and half the time, I leave the house with it damp, so how it'll look when I arrive in the office is mystery.

The retro bottle of Miss Jessie's Quick Curls touts its contents as "The Best Darn Quick Curl Creme Period," stating that it's great for "curly, wavy & relaxed textures-including white gals, too!" Hey, that's me! So I had to try it, of course, and since I have, I've had consistently, predictably excellent results.

Without making a chemical impact on hair, this styling-cream-meets-leave-in-conditioner helps to capture the frizz-less finish of damp hair, allowing it to stay smoother as it dries. Grapeseed, nettle, alfalfa, lavender, fennel, ginger, chestnut, milk thistle, pomegranate and other extracts make this botanically abundant blend naturally nourishing.

With a little help from this fresh-scented formula, I've gone from hoping my waves and curls look great to knowing they will.