A Wheatgrass Wash For Your Freshest Hair Ever

You've probably heard of people drinking wheatgrass-its proponents have been known to take multiple shots of it in a single day. There's good reason for that, and taste isn't it. Health fanatics tolerate its freshly-mowed-lawn flavor for its reported detoxifying abilities.

Peter Lamas has captured the benefits of this botanical in his Wheatgrass Deep Cleansing Shampoo, and there's no need to tolerate it because it's a joy to use. As the title ingredient purifies hair and scalp, a long list of other plant extracts-from aloe to nettle to avocado-replace dulling mineral deposits and product buildup with healthy moisture.

Celebrities like Alicia Silverstone have become fans of Peter Lamas products due to their vegan formulas, and Wheatgrass Deep Cleansing Shampoo is perfect proof that effectiveness and ethics can beautifully coexist in haircare.