Buff Your Body With A Sonic Sloughing Combo

Love what your Clarisonic does for your face? That's not the only place that can benefit from this sonic cleansing brush. Clarisonic can do your body plenty of good, especially when you incorporate the larger body brush the brand's very own Refining Skin Polish.

Made especially for areas prone to roughness and signs of aging-elbows, hands, chest, feet, etc.-Refining Skin Polish improves skin in three ways: exfoliating, firming and smoothing. Its hydrating collection of extracts from jojoba, wine, prickly pear and bamboo blends with glycolic acid for a noticeable difference after each scrubbing session.

The combination of Clarionic's celebrated cleansing power with a multi-merit formula makes for an ideal spot treatment where your body's skin needs it most.