A Cosmetic Contradiction For Lovely Lips

The term oxymoron is one of those figures of speech that word nerds, like a few of us here at NewBeauty, long to hear and use but rarely get the chance. But there's only so many times you get excited over jumbo shrimp.

Lucky for both the beauty buffs and grammar hags on staff, Lipstick Queen has given us a new oxymoron to enjoy, and has given it an apt name: Oxymoron Matte Gloss.

These pots of pretty colors go on and feel like a smooth, emollient gloss, but there's no shine to be seen. Instead, the finish is wearably matte and totally feminine.

The sheer look and feel make Oxymoron Matte Gloss perfect for cheeks, too, and Lipstick Queen kept exactly that in mind when picking the four flattering shades available.

Nerdiness has never looked so pretty!