Organic Water With Juicy Overtones

I know I'm supposed to drink an above-ground pool's worth of water every day, but I never complete the mission. Quite frankly, it bores me. I've tried those packets of artificially fruity, low-cal powders to make it more enticing, but those are so sweet, I feel my teeth rotting despite the lack of sugar. But I think I've finally found the happy medium that's going to have me happily hydrating myself all day.

Non-carbonated, as I prefer, twist waters have the teeniest bit of juice-just enough to give it an interesting, enjoyable taste and 10 whole calories a serving. Out-of-the-ordinary but totally inviting flavors like Mandarin White Tea and West Indies Lime make them so much more appealing than just plain agua.

What makes twist especially unique is the certified organic status of four of the flavors. Sweetened with organic agave, it's an especially healthy pick when you want just a touch of fruitiness.

I've been filling up on these so often that I can't refill my fridge fast enough. Finally, I'm hydrating with the best of 'em!