This Foot Cream Is Really The Balm

I've been neglecting my feet big time. No pedicures, no exfoliation-I hadn't even been moisturizing regularly. It was starting to show, so I decided to start with the basics: a foot cream.

I decided on Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme, but it wasn't long before I realized this wasn't a cream at all. It's definitely a balm-and a thick one at that. As I spread it on from the ankles down, I was really impressed by how intensive it felt, with its vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, lanolin, olive and coconut oils really soaking in.

It was also apparent that coconut wasn't the only scent. Rosemary and mint definitely make an appearance, and have a really refreshing effect, too.

This so-called "Creme" doesn't soak in quite as quickly as typical creams, so I decided to throw on some socks and turn it into an overnight treatment. Upon waking up, I felt like my feet had made a turn for the best.

As long as I keep using it, I won't be too embarrassed to get a pedicure!