Antioxidant Oil With Advantages Inside And Out

Dietary supplements normally have no business being applied to your skin; furthermore, we'd typically tell you to refrain from swigging your skincare products. Intelligent Nutrients, however, has broken these basic rules with a uniquely limitless oil.

We had been examining the ingredients in IN's topical anti-aging products and couldn't help but notice that a component called Intellimune Oil was present in almost all of them. This sparked our curiosity, so we did a little extra research about this proprietary compound.

It didn't take long to find Intellimune Oil is available on its own-a bottle bursting with antioxidant-rich oils extracted from the seeds of organic cumin, grape, raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry. But what made us do a double take was the directions: take one to two teaspoons daily.

Turns out this brilliant free-radical-fighting blend is both a super-healthy, orally imbibed dietary supplement and a topical wrinkle reducer-a combination we can't remember ever seeing before!

Intelligent Nutrients is all about safe, nutritious, organic, food-grade ingredients, so it's really not surprising that they've created such an adaptable, comprehensive product to fortify and beautify our bodies.