Support Your Liver For Lovelier Skin

When you drink alcohol, it might make someone else look a little more attractive; but the damage it can do to your liver may be effecting your skin in a negative and noticeable way. That's why we think Pure Inventions Healthy Liver should be sold at every bar.

This liquid dietary supplement helps to detoxify the liver and support skin with meticulously chosen, therapeutic botanical extracts. Turmeric has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, milk thistle and burdock help cleanse, multiple mushrooms fortify your immune system, ginger improves digestion, and rooibos red tea teams with dandelion for extra support and healing.

You simply use the built-in dropper to add a little to a glass of water each day-up to three times if you really need it.

An absolute must for anyone who drinks regularly, Healthy Liver is an easy way to save your skin from damage that even the strongest beer goggles can't blur.