A Safe And Yummy Source Of Vitamin D

One look at my pale skin and you know I'm not getting my vitamin D from sun exposure. And for a while, I wasn't getting it from much else. I often forget to take the capsules I've bought, and as much as I love salmon and tuna-great sources of vitamin D-there are some serious cons to eating fish every day.

I finally found an unforgettable option from Slice of Life. Their Vitamin D3 supplements are actually enjoyable to take, because they're fruit-flavored gummy pieces. Each one is about 20 calories, and contains 250% of an adult's daily vitamin D requirement-so much more than a regular serving of almost any food could provide.

What these gummies don't contain is important, too: milk, gluten, allergens, preservatives and other undesirables.

And because they're so cute, I'm more than willing to keep them out on the counter so I actually remember to take them!