Improve Your Eyelashes With Potent Peptides

We think of peptides primarily as fast-acting wrinkle-smoothers, but there are numerous variants of these amino acid chains, some of which have nothing to do with fighting fine lines. Biotinoyl tripeptide-1 and octapeptide-2, for example, are found in an increasing number of products made to combat thinning hair.

Because of their reported thickening and growth-stimulating abilities, these two peptides were wisely included in MaximumLash, an up-and-coming eyelash conditioner that caught our eye recently. (Pun intended.) They're believed to help anchor eyelashes by fortifying each bulb and supporting follicle development, letting your lashes grow longer and stronger.

The bulk of the formula is made up of potent botanical extracts that further encourage a healthy lash cycle, like nettle, horsetail, mulberry and rosemary.

In little more than a month, lashes look ever so much more luxurious, thanks to a clever cosmetic use of smart science.