Start Straightening In The Shower

When it comes to straightening our hair, most women don't consider shampoo or even conditioner the starting point. That usually begins once we step out of the shower, with styling products and tools. But Fekkai has made the straightening effort so much easier by creating a shampoo and conditioner that get the ball rolling.

Silky Straight Ironless Shampoo is key in creating straightening-ready strands. Its hibiscus extract calms hair's kinks as the protein-packed formula cleanses without dehydrating. And it's while you're washing that you'll get your first dose of Fekkai's innovative Anti-Frizz Straightening Complex.

The second fix comes with the Silky Straight Ironless Conditioner, which takes over where the shampoo left off. It works deeply to take hair to a sleek, humidity resistant new level.

Although it's called Ironless, you may still want to flat-iron your hair. However, you'll find that this duo makes the process go so much more smoothly-literally.