The Return Of The Apricot Scrub

We don't know anyone whose first exfoliation experience was anything other than an apricot scrub. They're practically issued at the onset of the teen years. But just because it's old-school doesn't mean it's obsolete.

One fabulous modern-day apricot exfoliant is JASON's Apricot Scrubble. Yes-Scrubble. We're guessing that's a combination of scrub and bubble, because it lightly foams as it deeply cleanses your pores. But the real retro pleasure comes from that gently sloughing sensation from apricot seed powder, which works with walnut to get skin glowing.

We love leaving Apricot Scrubble on for a few minute before getting that circular motion going. It helps it work even harder to prevent blackheads and ingrowns. We'll even use it on our legs before shaving, just to get stubborn hairs to soften up.

Did you do that with your apricot scrub of yesteryear? We didn't think so!