How Sunscreen Could Harm Your Kids And Pets

Sunscreen isn't meant to be swallowed, obviously. Accidents happen, though, and children and pets may not know to keep it out of their mouths. This could have a toxic effect, especially if the formula features nanotechnology.

An increasing number of sunscreens feature nanoscale particles of sun-filtering ingredients like zinc oxide, because of its purported protective benefits. However, the beauty and health industries have increasing concerns about nanotechnology. Adding to these concerns is a recent finding published by the American Chemical Society, which shows that zinc oxide nanoparticles are twice as toxic to colon cells as larger particles if ingested.

The tests were performed on isolated colon cells, so more studies are needed to confirm just how toxic these tiny particles are on human and animal organs. In the meantime, it's best to be especially careful with your sunscreens and make sure they're out of children's and pet's reach.