Stop Splitting Hairs And Start Using This Sealing Serum

I'm not sure how I've gone this long without trying a Davines product, but perhaps I was waiting for one made for my exact kind of hair. That's what Melu Serum is-a perfect product for, as the bottle says, "long or damaged hair." OK, so mine is long and damaged, but let's not nitpick.

This almost-too-creamy-to-be-considered-a-serum serum is a daily treatment for split ends. Made with cherry oil, keratin and vitamin E, it coats hair to seal those splintered strands, not only repairing them but also helping to prevent additional splitting.

I love that Melu Serum is made to be applied to dry hair, because it acts like a smoothing styling product in addition to a split-end treatment-and I definitely need both.

Now that I've finally tried a Davines product, I probably won't be trying any others-this is what I've been looking for! (Oh, OK, I'll try the rest of the Melu line.)