A Tremendous Beauty Boost From A Spa-Worthy Treatment

It's really rather apropos that själ kashmir saphir perfecting mask looks like such a work of art, considering that your complexion looks portrait-ready after using it. This truly unique treatment simultaneously calms and energizes skin, firming and protecting it all the while.

An amalgamation of diverse and unusual ingredients, kashmir saphir finds its line-fighting strength in reliable GABA and peptides. Its botanicals, including Chinese herbs, soothe, soften and tone skin so it shows no signs of distress.

Perhaps the most of impressive aspect of this indulgence is the virtual jewelry box of components. Blue sapphire, plantinum, gold and silver serve as a balancing, revitalizing blend of beautifying influences on your skin.

It's no surprise that själ created a spa treatment around this amazing mask. The blue kashmir-saphir facial takes the at-home experience to a whole new level that transcends basic beauty and touches upon chakras and total relaxation.

But if you can't get to Los Angeles or Miami for the facial, there's always kasmir saphir perfecting mask itself-and that's more than enough for a brilliant skin experience.