Overnight Moisture For An Anti-Aging Impact

If you're used to Boscia's simple white bottles, like we are, their Restorative Night Moisture Cream will seem virtually unrecognizable. It's presented in a silvery jar, and even their little usually-green leaf is now white. But what's inside is more of what we expect from Boscia: preservative-free results.

Restorative Night Moisture Cream is so hydrating it almost has to be used at night while your skin enters its most rejuvenating part of its daily cycle. To be truly restorative, though, as the name promises, there's much more than just major moisture.

Palmitoyl pentapeptide acts overnight to give you a less-lined look in the morning, while magnolia bark contributes to a long-term retrieval of firmness and elasticity. For the full anti-aging effect, mulberry helps diminish discoloration.

Boscia's sleek new look may take some getting used to, but we feel like instantly familiar fans of the formula inside.