Radiant Hands From A More-Than-Moisturizing Cream

Although most discoloration-diminishing products seemed to be aimed at the face, our hands experience just as much spot-inducing damage. So instead of fixing only dryness with a hand cream that simply moisturizes, you can opt for a more advanced product like SME Age White Intensive Hand Cream from the Dr. Jucre Stem Cell Line.

This formula's combination of arbutin and licorice act as an excellent lightening team, fighting the hyperpigmentation that comes with time and sun damage. With regular use, hands begin to look brighter and more even.

Because color isn't the only thing that changes with age, this hand cream also address the wrinkly texture that affects hands like it does the face. A sophisticated collection of ingredients-including portulaca, kava-kava, niacinamide, adenosine, and human adipocyte conditioned media-have a smoothing, anti-aging effect.

And of course, no hand cream would be complete without hydration, which this Korean creation provides in spades.