Completely Clean Off Stubborn Lip Color

I love the look of a lip stain, but I don't love waking up with it the next day despite trying my darnedest to wash it off. I've even tried makeup remover made for waterproof eye makeup, but I wasn't happy with the results-or the taste and texture.

So when I heard that lip gloss gurus Tallulah Cosmetics had introduced Lip Laundry, I didn't hesitate to add it to my evening cleansing routine.

Inside the cute pink and black jar is a 30-piece stack of cleansing, exfoliating pads that remove every imaginable kind of lip color, from stains to sticks. Instead of leaving behind a greasy feel and traces of the shade you were wearing, it refreshes and softens lips so they're beautifully bare.

The blend of aloe, apple, cucumber, green tea and exotic luo han guo gives the word aftertaste a yummy new connotation, increasing your kissability.

I admit, I haven't had the chance to test out that last theory in a while, but who knows what will happen during a month's worth of laundered lips?