Rinse Away Dullness With A Botanical Blend

If your hair has become dull due to your environment-living in a polluted city, hanging out with a friend who smokes, etc.-shampoo and conditioner may not be enough to wash away the murk and bring back the shine. An old-fashioned vinegar rinse could definitely do the trick, but Rene Furterer takes the concept-and your hair-to the next level with Fiorivanti Clarify and Shine Rinse.

The entire Fiorivanti line relies on over a dozen botanical extracts to help reinvigorate hair. Most notable is the cherry vinegar, made with exotic acerola cherries from Chile, which acts as a powerful shine enhancer. There's also a special cationic detangling agent to ensure smoothness, which only adds to hair's brilliance.

Just a couple capfuls of this inspired blend will help neutralize the hard water that's been contributing to the dullness, tightening each strand's cuticle, and leaving hair gleaming with clarity.