A Benevolent Fragrance Brimming With Berries

The moment we learned that the new Hanae Mori fragrance, N° 1, would be limited-edition, our hearts broke a little. We were hoping this joyous eau de toilette would be around indefinitely, and you'll surely feel the same way once you get a whiff.

As inspiring as it is inspired, N° 1 brings together some of the most delectably fruity notes: bergamot, black currant, grapefruit, mulberry, blackberry and raspberry. But instead of coming across juvenile or overly girly, it puts you in awe of nature's deliciousness.

In fact, N° 1 celebrates nature in a very real way. Hanae Mori is donating a portion of its sales to Clear Air-Cool Planet, a nonprofit organization that works towards finding global warming solutions.

N° 1 may not last forever, but its impact on your memory and planet definitely will.