A Wrinkle Cream To Be Reckoned With

When getting to know a new skincare line, we think it's just natural to start with the moisturizer-it's often the hero product in a collection, and it usually says a lot about the entire brand. So when we decided to delve into M LAB, we chose their anti-aging treatment cream as a jumping-off point.

This strikingly handsome brand is all about clinically active ingredients, of which anti-aging treatment cream has a 68% composition. Serious antioxidant activity is provided by stabilized vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, willowherb, phytic acid, and superoxide dismutase, all of which have additional respective anti-aging benefits, such as firming and exfoliating.

Oat extract offers further environmental protection, while bamboo and pea fight a loss of elasticity and arbutin diminishes discoloration. Peptides, GABA, purslane and ginseng act as an outstanding team of rapid wrinkle reducers. And if you think that's a lot of high-performance components, we didn't even list them all.

Of course, as any moisturizer should, anti-aging treatment cream moisturizes and leaves skin smooth and soft. But clearly, this is much more than just a moisturizer-it's a true daily remedy for the stubborn signs of aging.