Dryer Jargon: What's Wattage Got To Do With It?

Unlike flat irons, you don't judge a blow-dryer's effectiveness by its temperature, but instead, by its wattage-a combination of its air flow and heat.

The higher the wattage of a dryer, the more powerful the heat and airflow will be and the faster your hair will dry. Higher wattages are best for thicker, coarse hair. However, most dryers offer two or three speeds, so you can adjust the airflow by selecting the speed that works for you.

When purchasing a hair dryer, you may also notice terms like "ceramic" and "ionic." Ceramic refers to the makeup of the coil on the dryer's nozzle. Like flat irons, ceramic coils produce a negative charge that seals the cuticle and ensures even heat distribution, lending to better shine.

When a dryer is considered ionic, it uses negatively charged atoms to cancel out the positive static charges so hair lays flatter and looks straighter. Ionic dryers protect your hair and are recommended for dry, damaged strands.

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