Smoother Skin Before And After Self-Tanner

You may think you look better with a bit of color, but if your skin is dry, you're sabotaging your self-tanning efforts. Skin needs to be moisturized-especially at the joints-before you apply self-tanner, and the results will last longer if you keep skin hydrated.

Caribbean Smoothie Body Cream was formulated specifically for self-tanned skin. Made with sweet almond oil, algae, and liposome-encapsulated vitamins A, C and E, the antioxidant-rich blend acts as a barrier on the areas the tend to absorb too much product, like elbows and knees, when you apply it before self-tanner.

When used during the days following application, it keeps skin smooth and supple, helping to extend the color and allowing it to fade in a slower, more even way.

And even if you don't use self-tanner, there's no denying how wonderful this product makes skin of any color feel.