Shower Yourself With The Freshest Of Fragrances

We have to admit, the first time we heard about CLEAN's new eau de parfum, Outdoor Shower Fresh, the first thing we thought of was those outdoor showers at community pools that no one ever really uses despite the pool rules clearly stating that everyone must shower before diving in. Much to our delight and relief, however, it smells nothing like a community pool shower.

Instead, this limited-edition fragrance features some of the most beautiful notes in nature: water lily, violet, bergamot, sandalwood and the most amazing kind of shower there is, tropical rain. That's where the inspiration is most apparent.

Unexpected and relaxed, Outdoor Shower Fresh is an extremely easy mix to wear, all the while standing out from other spring and summer scents as a true one-of-a-kind.

And thankfully, there are no notes of chlorine, cement and fluoridated water.