The Latest Brazilian Beauty Breakthrough

What is it about putting "Brazilian" at the beginning of a cosmetic treatment that increases its clout? Brazilian butt lift, Brazilian bikini wax, Brazilian straightening treatment, and so on. In fact, the list just got a little longer.

Advanced Home Actives (based, ironically, in Jacksonville, Florida), has introduced the Brazilian Peel. Made with 30% glycolic acid, it's the strongest at-home glycolic treatment we've seen, offering results comparable to an in-office peel at a not-so-comparable (read: lower) price (four "syringes" for $110).

What makes the Brazilian Peel so Brazilian is the presence of ultra-antioxidant acai, from the Amazon rainforest. It serves as a source of B vitamins and omega fatty acids to help maintain the youthful results of the peel's powerful AHA (notice that also happens to be the abbreviation for the company-those clever North Floridians).

Also in the Brazilian Peel is the patent-pending Q-Mag Mineral Neutralizer, which delivers the intensive amount of glycolic acid in a gentle way. Your skin is left brighter, smoother and more even-not shocked.

Seriously, though-does every woman in Brazil have perfect skin, silky-straight hair, a shapely butt and a fuzz-free bikini area?