A Candle That Contributes To A Beautiful Ambience

One could argue that a candle is not a beauty product, but we'd beg to differ. Feeling beautiful is just as important as looking beautiful, and we feel downright ravishing around the amazing Fleur Pear artisan candle from London-based candle guru Jonathan Ward.

Made with ingredients you might find in favorite lip balm-organic soy, beeswax, and essential oils-this fruity-meets-floral masterpiece is one of many hand-poured candles Jonathan Ward encases in hand-blown Italian glass. But it truly stands out in a scented-candle crowd.

Fleur Pear captures pear, of course, along with honeysuckle, nutmeg, and tiger lily, which surprisingly is said to be considered a weed by natives of its natural habitat. The fragrance is romantic, playful and feminine-many of the adjectives that go into making us feel beautiful.

And if making you look more beautiful is still one of your prerequisites for being considered a beauty product, we're pretty sure you'll look gorgeous in candlelight.

Jonathan Ward London candles have limited availability in the U.S., but worry not: the company ships internationally.