A Helpful Hair Product That Gets To The Point

Over the years, the western world has mushed all types of hair styling and treatment aids-creams, serums, sprays, waxes, etc.-into one catch-all word: product. So, it's not surprising that one of the biggest cult favorites took the term and ran with it.

Product has a growing following thanks to its do-it-all benefits and organic, botanical origins. In fact, there are only five ingredients in Product: shea butter, aloe vera, natural vitamin E, pesticide-free beeswax, and tangerine essential oil. But despite a cast you can count on one hand, it does wonders that outdo long lists of ingredients.

The thick pomade glides onto hair, helping it stay frizz-free and shiny. It moisturizes as you easily shape your strands-whatever their length may be-eliminating the need for multiple products... except for Product, of course.

Even a little jar can last a long time, adding to the appeal of this citrus-scented superstar. But beware: when people ask you what product you use, an Abbott-and-Costello-esque routine could ensue.