A Toner-Serum Fusion For Fresh, Firm Skin

It's a question for the ages: Should you use toner after cleansing or just skip straight to serum? While the debate rages on, we'll be over here using Annemarie Borlind's Blossom Dew Gel-the closest thing to a toner-serum combo we've ever encountered.

This light formula with a lovely scent is both astringent and moisturizing, thanks to a host of natural ingredients, such as witch hazel, calendula, chamomile, aloe and sage. It's an essential part of Annemarie Borlind's LL Regeneration line, which has been created to replenish skin that shows signs of aging.

As soon as your skin absorbs Blossom Dew Gel-which is almost instantly-you're perfectly prepared for a face cream. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it refreshes skin like a top-tier toner and promotes cell renewal like serious serum.