Look Younger With Longer Lashes

Long, full, dark eyelashes are a sign of youthfulness. Not only do they camouflage signs of aging around the eyes, they also enhance the eye's natural structure.

If your lashes have become sparse, thin or brittle with age, artificial lashes are an option. There are also a handful of over-the-counter growth stimulators that can be used.

But the lash stimulator receiving the most praise from dermatologists and plastic surgeons is prescription Latisse, which contains bimatoprost to lengthen your lashes in 16 weeks. Some doctors speculate that once you've used Latisse for two months, you may be able to apply the treatment every few days or so and still see the same results.

Doctors also expect Latisse to be used off-label for lower lashes and eyebrows.

What have you tried to lengthen your lashes? Let us know about your experience results by leaving a comment below.

  • jrt
    Posted on

    Latisse costs anywhere from $90-$150 depending on what deal is offered, and only after an MD prescribes since it's by RX only. It is not covered by insurance since in most cases, treatment is purely cosmetic/aesthetic. It does work but also can cause eyelid itching and/or discoloration or even darken the pigment of irises. It lasts a month or slightly more before you must renew. What price beauty, ay?

  • Best product ever
    Posted on

    I have used it for almost a year now and I never had long lashes. Now they look long and beautiful. Now I use it two, three times a week. It's a must have.

  • Lor
    Posted on

    ...Sounds wonderful ie the Products and the results obtained... However, what is the cost of Latisse? I would love to know as it is a perscription product and does Healthcare pay for the Product? I am sure not as its a Cosmetic. Please let me know. Thanks for a wonderful informative sight!

  • D
    Posted on

    I've used Latisse for 5 months with fabulous results! I've had numerous comments on how beautiful my eyelashes are for the first time in my life. One tube lasts about 3 months if you use just one drop, put it on a fine brush and use it on both eyes. The applicators that come with the prescription are a bit rough. The directions state that you should use one disposable applicator per eye but why do that if you don't do the same with your mascara brush?

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