Relieve Chapped Skin With A Rich Ointment

Your ankles and lips may not have much in common, but mine sure do. Both suffer from patchy, flaky dryness from which the rest of my body has somehow been spared. Aside from being less than lovely, these seemingly arbitrary spots can be awfully uncomfortable.

I've tried every imaginable cream, and I've even used heavy-duty lip balm on my ankles in addition to its intended destination, but nothing had thoroughly soothed my skin until I tried a texture I hadn't previously considered: ointment.

Specifically, I tried the new Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair Ointment. Thicker, more matte and less greasy than a gel, the formula feels remarkably smooth. It leaves a soft, glowy, comforting veil on skin's surface, leaving the treated area super-soft.

I was surprised to see that Intense Skin Repair Ointment didn't include lanolin, the viscous wool-derived extract which is usually a key ingredient in ointments that provide such significant relief. But Lubriderm has proven that it's not necessary in the search for a serious chapped-skin solution.