A Springy New View Of A Favorite Fragrance

If we had to pick one fragrance that the entire NewBeauty office can agree on, it would definitely by Daisy by Marc Jacobs. We all got familiar with-and addicted to-it when it was being considered for FragranceFinder back in the day. When we ran out of samples, many of us actually bought it (which is a lot to ask of beauty magazine staffers).

Our excitement for Daisy was recently renewed with the launch of the Garland Edition, also known as Daisy In The Air. Still the same happy blend of vintage-y violet, subtle strawberry and girly gardenia, it's being bottled for a limited time in a way that celebrates the arrival of spring.

Where the petals are usually white and the title is usually black, it's now a fresh, soft blue. And as a special, thoroughly Marc Jacobs extra, this already-fun eau de toilette comes with a festoon of cute faux daisies-a daisy chain, if you will-that can be used to decorate and lightly perfume a room.

We didn't need any more reasons to love this fragrance, but we absolutely appreciate how Marc Jacobs keeps providing them.