Prime Your Lips With A Minty Multitasker

If we were having a contest for overachieving beauty products-actually, that might be fun!-Mint Glaze FX would definitely be a finalist. The full name of the this unique formula, Moisturizing Lip Treat-Mint Primer, only hints at all it does.

Created by Cover FX, Mint Glaze FX can be worn alone as a shiny balm with lots of benefits. Its hyaluronic acid and peptides allow your lips to look fuller and less liny, thanks to increased moisture and collagen synthesis.

These advantages work just as well under lip color when Mint Glaze FX is used as a primer. Its shine will enhance whatever you choose to layer over it, and its fresh feel will always come through.

And when you take off your makeup at the end of the day, you can apply Mint Glaze FX again as a night treatment to keep lips conditioned overnight.

Who knows-its minty coolness might even help you mask morning breath! But we know for sure that you'll always have more luscious lips as long as its on.