An Interdependent Wrinkle-Diminishing Duo

Neutrogena just gets better with age. Sadly, our skin does not, which is why we often turn to them for various complexion cures. Most recently, we've found ourselves taken with a sophisticated anti-aging duo from their Neutrogena Clinical collection: facial lifting wrinkle treatment.

It's rare for the products in a set or system to actually rely upon each other for an optimal effect, but that's the case for the two formulas that make up the facial lifting wrinkle treatment. The first step, ion2complex serum, includes super-smoothing silicones, vitamin E and most notably, copper powder. Relatively beneficial on its own, ion2complex is revved up by its partner product, spf 30 activating cream.

In addition to five sun filters, the activating cream includes a scientific team of ingredients that press the virtual "on" button of this system when you apply it to the same areas as the serum.

After the very first application, you'll notice new softness. And soon enough-but really, is it ever soon enough?-your skin will feel firmer and more contoured.