Soften Crunchy Curls With A Frizz-Fighting Cream

Is there anything worse that crunchy curls? Well, yes-war, poverty, etc. But when a curly girl has that moment of touching her ringlets and they feel (and sound) crispy, it can seem totally tragic.

The Curl Creme from Jonathan's new Stylist Professional Series promises to enhance and control curls and waves without that unsatisfactory stiffness. The light lotion keeps strands soft while still providing the definition that wears so well on curly tops.

If you've been using a gel on your curls all this time, let this be the product that gets you to finally make that consistency switch. You'll notice an immediate difference in how hydrated your hair feels. And even if you take a diffuser to your dome, Curl Creme keeps hair soft and healthy with its heat protection complex.

There's just no need for hair to ever make a sound like your morning bowl of Rice Krispies ever again.