A Healthy Manicure Makeover

You love your manicures, but you love your health even more. So you have two options: let your nails go naked, or let them go natural.

We know, natural isn't usually used in the same sentence as nail polish, but formulas have come a long way. Leading the pack of eco- and health-conscious fingertip fanciness is A Beautiful Life, with their Natural Lacquer. And the company doesn't just focus on the trend towards naturalness-the edgy shades are on trend, too.

When you're ready to take it off, they even make a toluene-, DBP- and formaldehyde-free Soy Polish Remover. That's right-it's soy-based, and it smells nothing like typical polish removers.

We're sure A Beautiful Life has their prettily painted finger on the pulse of beauty's healthier new direction, and we think you'll agree as soon as you get a load of your non-chemical-y digits.