A Detangler That Delivers Healthier Hair

Knots don't discriminate. They may be especially prevalent in thicker, curlier hair, but there isn't a fine head of hair that hasn't been hassled by a few tangles.

We're big fans of sojourn leave-in detangler as an every-hair helper. More than just a leave-in conditioner, it instantly loosens knots and smooths each strand, whether that strand is thick, fine, permed, relaxed or dyed.

Although it helps in styling, leave-in detangler is more than a styling product. It's a true treatment, with its cashmere keratin and cystine, an amino acid that naturally occurs in hair. In addition to protecting your locks from UV damage, it performs sojourn's signature service: maintaining a healthy pH level.

It may seem like a tall order for a simple spray, but there's really no knot it can't "untie."