A Razor For When You Can't Remember To Buy Shaving Cream

Am I the only dingbat who doesn't realize she's out of shaving cream until one hand is holding the razor and the other is desperately trying to wrest the last few gel blobs from the can? Not only do I find myself in this predicament repeatedly, but it's usually followed by several days of forgetting to buy more.

Mom always told me never to use soap as a shaving cream stand-in-wise woman-so I usually end up wearing pants on days like those. But what's even more frustrating than my absentmindedness and subsequent stubble is that I somehow hadn't heard about the Venus Breeze.

This three-blader has what is arguably the largest head I've ever seen on a razor, and rightfully so: in addition to cushioning every curve, it features bars of built-in shave gel. All you have to do is add water, and it lightly lathers, giving you an instant substitute for shaving cream.

I especially love the Venus Spa Breeze, which adds a white tea scent for an aromatherapeutic experience.

Clearly, Gillette created this razor with ditzes like me in mind. Now if only I could remember to buy more refill cartridges when I need them...