A Beauty Ban On Swimmers In Japan

For many of us, the demand is unimaginable: no nail polish, no earrings, no hair dye. Are these not fundamental cosmetic rights? Well, apparently they're not if you're a synchronized swimmer or diver in Japan.

Japanese officials will, as of April 1, implement a rule stating that aquatic athletes face a lifetime ban from their sport if they show up for competitions having colored their hair, pierced their ears or elaborately painted their nails.

Officials seem to link these beauty rituals to a recent increase in embarrassing athlete behavior, including visits to the rooms of opposite-sex swimmers, alcohol and marijuana use, sitting during the national anthem, and styling national athletic uniforms in a "hip-hop" manner.

Although it's a stretch to link delinquency to getting all dolled up, Japanese swimmers will have to obey these rigid rules if they want to stay in the pool and out of hot water.