Long, Lovely Lashes Every Day

Thick, dramatic lashes are a staple in my evening look, but during the day, I just want long, pretty fringe that doesn't overpower my face. I recently found exactly that in CoverGirl's latest mascara, LashBlast Length.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of this mascara is clean. It's truly the cleanest, freshest, unclumpiest look I've ever achieved from a mascara, making its application stress-free and its wear super-pretty.

That effect is largely due to the Elasta-Nylon formula. Yes, it actually contains nylon-the same kind used in toothbrush bristles, pantyhose and violin strings. It helps stretch your lashes to lovely new lengths without tarantula-style buildup.

LashBlast Length quickly became my daily mascara, with its noticeable but not imposing finish, and I find myself recommending it to everyone who asks me for an everyday pick.