Poetic Perfume That Defies Description

If you ask Nez a Nez what their Bouche Baie perfume smells like, they'll tell you, "In this blend, generous and benevolent, our berries do the Indian swim and whisper marmalade stories in a bath of flowers." Well, we don't know what the Indian swim or marmalade stories are, but this scent truly is a poetic one.

Bouche Baie combines notes we never imagined would work together, and turns them into a rich, fanciful fragrance to which it's easy to be addicted. On top, you'll sense mandarin, cinnamon, star anise, and clove, supported in the middle by wisteria, guaiac, cedar, patchouli and vetiver. Underneath is a deep fusion of plum, leather, port and musk.

A bit androgynous but ultimately sweet, Nez a Nez has made Bouche Baie almost indescribable-which may explain why poetry is the way to go.