Cherry-Pick This Healthy, Tasty Tea

We've told you about a handful of the hundreds of studies that praise tea for a seemingly endless list of health and beauty advantages. But despite all of the impressive proof, you're still not a tea devotee? If it's just a matter of taste, get ready to hop on this beneficial bandwagon.

Village Tea Company's personality-packed presentation caught our attention, but the tang of their Cherry Me Bloom Rooibos with Acai Loose Leaf Tea kept it and wouldn't let go. Zestfully juicy, this ripe red tea hooks even the most reluctant sipper with its tart cherry flavor and lemongrass notes.

The sweet and sour savor is only one of many reasons to make Cherry Me Bloom your morning (and afternoon and evening) brew. In addition to antioxidants, the caffeine-free blend boosts energy naturally, and can even help with weight management. It also doesn't hurt that the adorable packaging is made from completely recycled and recyclable materials.

If rooibos isn't your cup of tea, Village Tea Company makes plenty of other types, many of which are available in single-size "teasers" so you can inexpensively discover which one will finally convince you to start taking tea.