A Weekly Treatment To Transform Your Tresses

When we think of indulgence, we picture luxury and fleeting pleasure, but not necessarily any measurable beauty benefits. Clearly, that's not how ghd defines it. Their indulgence treatment isn't just enjoyable-it's effective.

Touted as a weekly conditioning mask, the indulgence treatment comes in convenient single-use bottles, so you get the perfect dose of this transformational formula, which includes must-have ingredients like panthenol and wheat amino acids. These moisturize, strengthen and repair damage, while gingko biloba fights the aging effects of external stress.

What makes the indulgence treatment more than just a source of temporary pampering is its cationic polymers, which allow for cortex-deep conditioning and, consequently, less static and more shine.

Although you spend only a few minutes with it only once a week, its hair-helping effects go on and on-and that's more than we can say about most indulgences.