A Lacy Bandeau For When Cleavage Is Too "Whoa"

One of the best benefits of breast implants is enhanced cleavage. But as eager as you may be to do a little showing off, there are a few places where va-va-voom isn't exactly appropriate. So if a lot of the tops you purchased to fit your new measurements dip a little too deep in front, there's one more garment to add to your wardrobe.

It's called the Boob Tube, by the beauty-solution specialists at Miss Oops. This stretchy, lacy bandeau fits under v-neck tops to create concealment where and when you need it. You can even roll it up and keep it in a purse for unexpected moments when modesty would be appreciated.

We love how Boob Tube offers the look and coverage of a feminine camisole without a full additional layer. And of course, its usefulness isn't limited to those with implants-anyone who's been known to show a little too much décolletage can feel confidently demure with this clever accessory.