Wash Away Everything But Nourishment

A veil usually hides something, but in the case of Circadia's Vitamin Veil Cleanser, you're actually revealing better skin.

Even though it's foam-free and extremely gentle, this face wash easily removes makeup and dirt without negatively effecting skin's delicate balance of lipids and protein. Meanwhile, it's leaving its undetectable titular "veil" of antioxidants on your skin, thanks to a special anti-inflammatory antioxidant complex, as well as vitamin E ester.

One of the most interesting uses for Vitamin Veil Cleanser-in addition to washing one's face, of course-is the on-the-box recommendation of using it "once a week as an all-over body treatment before showering to replenish dry skin." We can't think of any other face wash with such a beneficial alternative function!

Ultimately, Vitamin Veil Cleanser does exactly what you want a cleanser to do: cleanses thoroughly while leaving behind benefits that keep your skin at its healthiest until your next wash with it.