Lusciously Long Lashes Inspired By Sexy, Shiny Shoes

If there's anything NewBeauty editors love as much as beauty products, it's shoes. (Stereotypical, we know, but we're unapologetic.) Despite the close relationship between fashion and beauty, never did we consider that a shoe could inspire makeup, but that's exactly what has happened with Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara.

The minds at Maybelline were influenced the long, lean, and eternally sexy stiletto heel in creating a formula that offers dramatically extended eyelashes. But aside from alluring length, Lash Stiletto also leaves lashes with a uniquely shiny finish-an homage to patent leather.

Even though Lash Stiletto may be a once-in-a-while, going-out, feeling-sexy mascara, you'll be tempted to wear it every day thanks to its conditioning panthenol and silk. (When's the last time your favorite shoes conditioned your feet?)