Grow And Groom Better Brows

One of the most important parts of a brow-grooming routine is a good shaping gel to keep the hairs in their prettiest place. But if those hairs are sparse, whether from overplucking or genetics, a gel won't do much to make your eyebrows look good-unless that gel also doubles as booster.

In fact, that's the main function of the Brow Boosting Shaper B-216 by This formula features a proprietary complex of lipo-peptides that work beautifully with skin's structure to stimulate cell productivity, consequently helping to fill out brows for a fuller, healthier look.

Simultaneously, it serves as a grooming aid, holding already-there hairs along the ideal contour. As results develop, you may even find yourself reaching for brow powder and pencils less and less.

Not at all irritating, Brow Boosting Shaper actually conditions hair and skin with a blend of licorice root, wheat protein, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. Ultimately, the area feels as good as it will look.