Sharing A Dry-Skin Solution With Bessie And Her Buddies

A century ago, a special salve was created for the overworked udders of cows. But something unexpected happened: the farmers who were applying it saw and felt a remarkably difference in the skin on their hands.

Today, Dr. Hess Udder Ointment's name hasn't changed, but its fan base has. The human users of this creamy balm outnumber bovine ones, due to its ability to address multiple skin issues.

Most fans became such because of what Udder Ointment does for even the most devastating dryness, whether it's in patches on the body or wreaking havoc on lips. The formula is also praised for its effects on chafing, burns, cracked heels, and even eczema.

You may even want to try it on your... um... udders.

Udder Ointment may seem silly or unglamorous, but we've always put results above image. It's impossible not to once you see what it can do.