Natural Nail Polish Remover With Reiki Perks

Of all the kinds of beauty products out there, nail polish remover is low on the list of those considered therapeutic-perhaps it doesn't even make it. Stinky and chemically, it's more likely to be categorized as a necessary evil. However, an up-and-coming brand called G2 Organics has set out to change the way we see it.

G2's Odorless Organic Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover is a 95% organic blend of corn- and grain-derived polish-eliminating agents, surrounded by nourishing aloe and vitamin E. And yes, it actually does the job! But the organic approach isn't the only thing that make this formula different.

At the bottom of each bottle, you'll see (and as they move around, hear) reiki crystals made from clear quartz. Believed to hold healing powers, they're included as a little way to increase your energy and bring more benefits to the usually mundane process of removing your polish.

Even if you're not one to believe ancient principles, the alternative ingredients in G2's signature product is enough to inspire a switch.

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