Bring Out The Brilliance Of Black Hair

Dyeing hair black is a very bold move. It's edgy and sexy, but if you don't take care of it as you should, it can quickly look dull and artificial-almost wig-like. But there's an easy way to keep it looking lucious.

Giovanni's Colorflage line includes Boldly Black Daily Color Defense Shampoo, which washes in UV- and free-radical defense to stop your shade from losing its luster. But this cleanser goes beyond antioxidants alone.

A combination of licorice, blackberry and boysenberry enhance the deepest tones in black hair, bringing out the brilliant shine that makes it look its best. Along with a curious but effective blend of silicones, charcoal, walnut and henna, these ingredients maintain the mysteriousness of this dramatic color.

There's no point in going bold if you're not going to stay bold, and this shampoo is a simple solution for fighting the fade.