Uncommon Mouthwash For Bacteria-Free Breath

When you think of mouthwash, what do you picture? A big bottle of minty green or blue liquid? That's typical-but as Weleda has shown us, that's not the only incarnation of oral rinses.

Ratanhia Mouthwash Concentrate looks nothing like what you usually see on shelves. The red-labeled bottle holds less than two ounces of liquid, which includes none of the ingredients you'd expect. The organic title ingredient, ratanhia, acts as bacteria-battling astringent; myrrh disinfects; and horse chestnut bark is antiseptic. There's even a touch of germ-fighting silver.

It's used differently that typical mouthwash, too. Because it's concentrated-one bottle is equal to a gallon of your average formula-you don't swish a capful in your mouth. Instead, you shake a few drops into room-temperature water before rinsing or gargling with it.

There is one familiar feature, though: a peppermint taste with a touch of eucalyptus. Your breath feels fresh and your teeth feel cleaner-perhaps even more so than with what you're used to.